Bitman 360 – Scootercoin Wantrepreneur (2018)


Previously an extreme scooter professional from Australia, 360 toured the world showing off his extreme scooter skills. In 2017 he got rinsed out by the epic crypto bang that saw bitcoin fall from 20 thousand US dollars to nearly zero. But that did not stop 360, he went on to become one of the most influential vloggers in the crypto extreme sports space.

Piloting crypto project 360tailwhipfrontsidetofakeycoin ticker symbol (360TWFSTFC) Along with partners A&G Capital Extreme, 360 has taken the extreme scooter scene and crypto scene by storm. Bitman 360 has been trying to decentralize himself since 2019 and now largely exists as a Virtual Avatar most recently usually found in Hexico City.

Starting off as a Satoshi shiller, Bitman 360 has made over 200 videos on the risks of cryptocurrency and centralisation. He also has ambitions on becoming a famous musician.