Martin Zachrison

CEO and Founder of Strawpay

Stockholm, Sweden

We sat down with Martin Zachrison, the CEO and Founder of Strawpay. A Blockchain company focused on providing more secure and faster micro transactions on the blockchain. Interview produced by Rich Tella for


Questions i asked:

  1. @ 1:10 How did you come in to contact with the Blockchain?
  2. @ 1:55 What specifically turned you on about bitcoin?
  3. @ 2:16 What is Strawpay’s value proposition?
  4. @ 2:35 Which problem does Strawpay try to solve?
  5. @ 5:53 What troubles have you experienced starting a Blockchain company here in Sweden?
  6. @ 6:19 What signals are you getting back from merchants?
  7. @ 7:40 Do you view Changetip as competition?
  8. @ 8:18 Can you elaborate on the Stroem protocol?
  9. @ 10:45 Can you elaborate on the Decentralised Hubs in your service?
  10. @ 12:51 Strawpay is developing an open system which builds on advanced features of the bitcoin protocol. Can you elaborate?
  11. @ 14:10 Which one of your services do you perceive to gain the most fastest traction in the market place?
  12. @ 16:34 The decision to implement off chain promissory notes. How did you arrive at that solution?
  13. @ 20:04 Why did you decide to focus primarily on microtransactions?
  14. @ 21:36 Do you think miners will prioritise higher value transactions in the future?