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Robbie Andrews

Founder at

Jersey Channel Islands UK

I sat down with Robbie Andrews, founder at, a Jersey based bitcoin advocacy group promoting the education and adoption of bitcoin and blockchain based tech in the island of Jersey in the United Kingdom.



Questions I asked:

  1. @ 0:53 How did you get started with bitcoin?
  2. @ 3:15 Your goal is to make Jersey the world’s cryptocurrency hub, what is the driving force behind this initiative?
  3. @ 5:30 Have you had much push back from the local regulatory authorities?
  4. @ 7:59 What is the position of the local authorities on the technology currently?
  5. @ 9:40 Tell us a little more about the local Bitcoin community ?
  6. @ 11:18 What kind of people are attending the local meetups?
  7. @ 12: 35 How much engagement are you getting from local businesses?
  8. @ 16:16 Which of the services offered by have gained most traction in the local market?
  9. @ 17:16 Tell us what sort of response you’re getting when you approach business about bitcoin.
  10. @ 19:00 What do you think of the Isle of Man and their efforts to become a bitcoin isle?
  11. @ 20:29 How are the jersey banks responding to your proposition?
  12. @ 22:06 In the bitcoin space there are polarising views on the subject of regulation, how do you see regulation fitting in to a technology that is essentially un-regulatable?
  13. @25:47 Aims and future goals for
  14. @27:57 Predictions for the future of bitcoin?


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