Hey guys!

I have now finally begun to find time to begin work on the documentary with focus on the Startups i have interviewed here in Sweden. I have decided on the more human and down to earth approach (as best as i can) this will not be a technical Bitcoin only related documentary, but more geared towards following several young companies working in the space.

As you know, if you have watched any of my earlier interviews on this blog or on YouTube, i interviewed a number of founding members of Bitcoin related startups here in Stockholm, i am now once again starting to do the rounds and catching up 2 years later to see how these founders are getting on with their business and see if their perspective might have changed over the years.

With focus on their challenges and how they have overcome them, of course as well as their take on the future, as you will have noticed back then my video production was rather amature looking and to be frank, i went on this journey initially so that i could learn & improve my production technique, as well as learn more about Bitcoin technology.

I now feel that i am at a level where i can produce a short documentary around this topic with these previously conducted interviews as a launch pad.

Please consider sharing these interviews or make a small donation to help cover my costs; as a i travel around interviewing these amazing individuals.