Mathias Sundin

Swedish Politician for Folkpartiet

Stockholm, Sweden

The Worlds First Politician to run on bitcoin only Donations. 

An exclusive interview with Mathias Sundin of Folkpartiet. The worlds first Politician to run on bitcoin only donations. Video Produced by Rich Tella for Bitjoin.


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The questions i asked:

  1. @2:00 – Why did you accept only bitcoin donations for your campaign?
  2. @3:40 – Has there been any further developments, regarding bitcoin donations amongst other politicians?
  3. @5:14 – What are your thoughts on future regulation concerning the cryptocurrency industry?
  4. @6:50 – How do you view the anonymity bitcoin donations can afford political donations?
  5. @8:36 – Do you think bitcoin startups here in Sweden will get the freedom they need to innovate?
  6. @11:28 – What is your view on BitNation?
  7. @12:29 – What is your view on companies launching their own cryptocurrencies?