Documentary Production Update

With four of the six follow up interviews already conducted we continue our mission to capture developments in the Blockchain space in Sweden with those people building businesses in the space. Stay tuned for our follow up film to the initial short documentary film ‘Founded’ created from interviews conducted back in 2015. You can see the original interviews here.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Picture: Top Left – Sergej Kotliar  Top Right – Linus Dunkers Bottom Left: Christian Ander Bottom Right – Frank Schuil 

PopChest – A new way to support BitJoin productions

We are now making it even easier for you to support the work we do at BitJoin, simply head to BitJoin on PopChest and watch our interviews and other pre-production videos there, each time you watch our films on PopChest we are able to collect a small amount of Bitcoin which will go to the further development of our films in the future.

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