We caught up with Sergej Kotliar of BitRefill for a follow up to our 2015 interview.

Questions we asked in part 3 of the 2017 interview:

  1. whats your position on the scaling debate?
  2. how does scaling affect bitrefill?
  3. what do you see as you look at the industry today?
  4. is bitcoin seeing more mainstream adoption?
  5. biggest scam at the moment?

PART 3 EXCLUSIVE TO POPCHEST: https://popchest.com/video/Wfh25qgGAQKoVSj-/sergej-kotliar-2017-interview-part-3?ap=1

Why can i only watch this on PopChest?

As many of you may know, BitJoin is raising funds to cover production of a documentary follow up to the 2015 interviews with Blockchain startups in Stockholm. If you wish to help support this production PopChest provides a simple to use interface for watching our videos while allowing us to add to the production fund. If you know of better ways to monetise our video interviews please contact us anytime.

Will i ever be able to watch it for free?

Yes, we aim to publish our videos on our YouTube channel with a slight delay, giving earlier access on PopChest to those who wish to view the videos now and dont mind paying a little bitcoin to do so.

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