We first caught up with Christian in 2015, you can see our first interview HERE. Christian co founded BTCX, now one of Swedens largest bitcoin exchanges, check out our latest interview conducted this summer below.

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We asked Christian the following questions:

  1. 0:32 What are you currently working on?
  2. 1:05 What happened with BTCX?
  3. 1:29 Recent developments with BTCX?
  4. 3:07 Are you looking at smart contracts?
  5. 4:04 What new obstacles have you had to overcome?
  6. 5:32 Building a Cryptobank and the authorities?
  7. 6:01 How will exchanges look int he future?
  8. 8:45 What does Blockchain Scandinavia do?
  9. 10:57 Blockchain solutions in an already developed market?
  10. 12:21 Thoughts on the state of the bitcoin community?
  11. 16:19 Thoughts on bitcoins yearly high?
  12. 21:16 Do you see similarities between alt-coins and ICOs?
  13. 23:39 How is Sweden today for Blockchain startups?
  14. 24:56 A future with multiple bitcoin forks?
  15. 25: 32 How was the response to your seminar at Almedalen 2017?
  16. 28:02 Biggest scam in the space at the moment?
  17. 29:17 Has BTCX found itself a target for security breaches?
  18. 30:28 How does the order book look currently for BTCX?
  19. 33:02 Final thoughts.