In this episode of our interview with Andreas we focused on politics.

The questions we asked: 

  1. Bitcoin has been accused of many things, expensive cost to transact, limited 7 transactions per second, mining inefficiencies that waste a lot of energy, community in fighting, potential for mining monopolies to appear: What are the major shortcomings of bitcoin so far in your opinion, and how can they be addressed?
  2. Blockchain. Who gains and who loses, and by which mechanisms of power?
  3. A lot is argued online between the various interested parties in the space, could you talk a little about how you view community in the context of development.
  4. Your Lets talk Bitcoin co-host – Adam B levin Tweeted recently: “800 billion USD in cash and assets seized so far in the Saudi Arabian corruption crackdown. What happens if 10% of global corruption start going into #bitcoin?” What are your thoughts on the current status of questionable activity being carried out using Bitcoin?
  5. Blockchain for good, best current examples in your opinion?
  6. Efficiency, how can running the bitcoin blockchain become more efficient in the future?
  7. Thoughts on the recent cancelation of SegWit2x.
  8. When Obama said “Everyone is walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket” how do you see that playing out in the long term considering that if everyone can hide their wealth, then government taxing the individual could become impossible. How might society look without a taxable citizenry? What new systems might replace the current taxation system?

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