We first sat down with Henrik Hjelte in October 2015, we caught up with Henrik recently to get some new perspective on Chromaway and how he sees the current state of the crypto world.

You can catch the first interview from 2015 by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aurftmc0pZo

The questions we asked in our 2018 interview:

  1. @4:22 – How does the current state of the world look in your eyes? How do you intend to address some of the challenges facing the world today.
  2. @8:18 –  Do you find it difficult to communicate the benefits of these solutions?
  3. @9:47 – What are some of the more exciting recent developments in the blockchain space in general?
  4. @13:41 –  We first met in late 2015, how do you think the cryptocurrency landscape has changed since then? How has Chromaway changed?
  5. @17:24 – What are some real world applications of Postchain and how does it work?
  6. @21:32 – How might you communicate the value of Postchain to regular folk?
  7. @24:12 – The project, Green Assets Wallet: Validating Green Investment through Blockchain, Tell us how it works and how it might impact society.
  8. @27:20 – Selling property using smart contracts, how does it work and how might it change how we buy and sell homes in the future?
  9. @32:26 – The government of Andhra Pradesh in India, how could this case effect land registry processes in other countries if successful?
  10. @34:21 – Funderbeam has been active for some time now, how has the experience been so far?
  11. @35:35 – Working with LHV Bank based on Estonian, how has your experience been?
  12. @37:22 – Could you tell us about the process for placing your proposals for technical solutions for the e-krona, and why you think the Ekrona idea is important.
  13. @41:21 – It appears you have moved away from coloured coins, is that accurate? how did you make that decision?
  14. @43:29 – Views on the news cycle when it comes to reporting on crypto.