As you can see from this video many person working with digital currency and blockchain projects often find it hard to say what they really mean, or even what it is they actually do. It is our aim at BitJoin to help them convey their far-out ideas and for you, the regular folk to better understand how these ideas may effect you, should they ever come to play a part in your life.

As many of you know the majority of these projects can be mired in controversy due to their currently unregulated nature and somewhat mystical and magical promises of new and improved technological and social solutions. That’s great if you are technically minded and somewhat able to navigate the often meaningless and unsophisticated ways in which project leaders talk about their solution but, if you are not of a technical background and upon reading about cryptocurrency and blockchain projects become overwhelmed with a feeling of inferiority then not to worry, we’ve decided to make it our missions to talk to you in a language you can both understand and hopefully find entertaining and informative.

We talk human

For the majority of us that have traveled to a foreign land where the local dialect is somewhat incomprehensible at first, we can all relate to that anxious feeling one gets when trying to purchase something from a market vendor, and in thinking we are buying one thing end up leaving the store with something quite different, or even too many of that one thing we wanted.

This more often than not is down to miscommunication, but it can also be caused by opportunism. The vendor sees you don’t understand what they are saying and instantly see an opportunity to increase sales. Call it a scam, call it an up-sell, either way you have come away from the interaction worse off, and the vendor perhaps a little better off. This type of behaviour can be rampant in the crypto space, whether its your time or your money, as a new comer you are almost guaranteed to lose one or the other, its just a matter of time…., and/or money : )

BitJoin positions itself at a great time of need, many projects in the space that run crowdfunding operations through ICO (Initial Coin Offering) platforms are not yet at that point always equipped with the proper tools for communicating their ideas and projects to a wider audience. The technology of Blockchain along with many within the space have promised for years some new levels of inclusivity and open transparent cooperation, whether though simplified financial transactions, or claims of being providers of distributed trust networks.

The Promise

These claims and promises can be true of the core Blockchain technology but like many new tools once you inject humans in to the equation the message/promise can easily morph in to something quite different, perhaps not intentionally at first, but over time it can end up becoming the very opposite to what it had claimed to be, just look at Facebook for a crystal clear example. Facebook started off claiming great things for mankind, a promise of connectivity and open free and borderless communications. It’s fair to say it currently still does those things but it also has created some very socially impactful side effects that can be argued to be both beneficial to some but at the cost of others.

So how does BitJoin help?

We are creating the worlds first NO-JARGON media company in the CryptoScape, a large portion of the content generated around ICO’s, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain based projects is very much geared towards those that are already holding crypto currencies or are from a financially literate background, we can identify these types of person as FinTech people (Late Adopters) and Crypto people (Early Adopters) Where do you fit in? Who’s talking-to you about these projects? Why are you being excluded in their communications? The answers to all these questions and more can be found at

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