Name: Jonas Bergvall

What makes you want to join the SWEkrona film project?

I believe we can make a film about a phenomenon which is of great interest not only to the citizens of Sweden but the whole world.

What interests you the most about the project?

Money is an integral part of our everyday lives and currencies are ultimately both highly political and a piece of our identity constructions. As ideological preferences change over time, along with our institutions and the very structure of society, the Swedish Krona is simultaneously a symbol of tradition and change. This is very paradoxical I think, and hugely interesting.

Do you think the Ekrona will be implemented by the Riksbank?

I’m not sure, but I suspect not actually. Mostly because I doubt many people will accept the slighty schizoid duality between the ordinary Krona and the eKrona. What’s the difference, they will ask, and this dissonance will create resistance. On top of this it to some extent depends on the general development of crypto currencies and how or if they manage to create some real benefit to general populations.

What other documentary films have you worked on?

I’m not a film maker, but I have managed and participated in a long range of studies of culture – from our relationship to food, to organisational beliefs, media mindscapes and cultural heritage to name a few disparate topics.

What is your favourite documentary film?

Well first I have to say I adore everything David Attenborough, always have. But I’d like to mention all the very interesting work by the philosopher Alain de Botton, such as the documentary about Status Anxiety, because of how they ask curious questions and is driven by intellectual frameworks.

What are your thoughts on the future of digital currency and blockchain technology?

Currently it seems like these two concepts are intertwined, but obviously we use our traditional currencies in a digital fashion without them being blockchain based. I believe blockchain technology, although early in development, has a huge potential of redistributing power in society while the actual value of using crypto currencies have yet to prove itself except for providing marginal usefulness.

What is your favourite technical project/solution in the crypto-space?

My favourite technical project, or any project? I’m not sure I understand what a technical project is actually 🙂 Naturally my favourites are the projects I am involved with myself. Apart from those I like projects that go for some deeper change, and not just superficial efficiencies. I don’t want to single out anyone but there are a few in social innovation and circular economy that I keep a keen eye on.