Full uncut preliminary interview with Christian Ander on his experience bringing the idea of an EKrona to the Riksbank back in 2016.

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Christian Ander interview questions

  1. @0.24 Why did you want Riksbanken to contemplate a blockchain based currency?
  2. @1:40 What did you think at the time that If adoption was wider how would that make life easier for people in Sweden?
  3. @2:59 Do you remember that day when you walked in to the central bank to pitch the idea for an ekrona?
  4. @4:30 Did you talk to other institutions to get them on board with the idea?
  5. @8:13 What are your thoughts on an Ekrona as an answer to potential vulnerabilities in the current card payment networks?
  6. @10:56 What do you think would happen is Sweden got the Ekrona?
  7. @12:10 What was the reaction at the Riksbank to your proposal?
  8. @16:02 How might an Ekrona effect Swedish society positively?
  9. @18:05 The concept is highly political, from what perspective should we understand the potential of an Ekrona?
  10. @20:36 If the Ekrona solution could threaten the current banking system why would they be interested in participating in something that is such a threat to them?
  11. @22:45 Do you know of any other central banks that are considering similar solutions?
  12. @26:00 Is there currently an ideal blockchain for the Riksbank to adopt?
  13. @27:15 What are the major flaws that need to be overcome?
  14. @29:05 What is the current state of the blockchains?
  15. @30:51 Do you think the Ekrona is going to happen?
  16. @31:14 If Riksbanken asked you for advice today, what would you say?
  17. @33:00 How quickly will we see this happen?
  18. @35:54 How important is it to have a national currency?