Here’s a run down of what happened in the second month (Sept 2019) of the Making an Influencer experiment.

My Notes:


Banned from buttcoin subreddit
Dapp radar reached out via Twitter
Decentralize Me Too campaign with
Paid twitter test with 100 bucks
Offer by
End of AG capital relations

On Reflection:

Listening to all the influencers is hard work and depressing
Frankenstein feeling
lot of XRP shillers on YT
Reading comments sections to get in the minds of people, see a lot of FREEDOM from boss/jobs etc
Balancing the outreach social stuff with content creative.
Trying to much to bend to the will of the audience
CryptoTwitter and trolling conversations
Twitter feed has descended in to absolute childish shit posting.
Shit posting is contagious
CryptoTwitter talks primarily to adolescent boys as my feed slides further in to shit

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