Here’s a run down of what happened in the third month (Oct 2019) of the Making an Influencer experiment.


  • Someone sent 1DGB
  • Trying bitman outdoors in jersey wit some fake news
  • more on the philosophy than the tech like dapp uni
  • Started to try new channels like 4chan and Periscopes.
  • To think How the buttons and key words I leave behind steer the algorithms on social
  • Identifying similarities in other groups, cultural crossover
  • How the channels could be separate: YT- show – Twitter- political activism – IG- reality tv
  • Planning taking all the fun out of the spontaneity?
  • connect with bitcoin for beginners
  • mcafee connection
  • Trace Mayer IG connect fake?
  • Experimenting with VC characters in order to have those types of conversations in public.
  • The realization that an entire generation has been born for crypto trading thanks ot social media spam which in turn has seen
  • ICO craze created a lot of blind leading the business blind.
  • Increasing scams on IG
  • Experiment with music
  • Bottlepay 100SATS
  • Broke through 500 followers on Twitter