Here’s a run down of what happened in the fourth month (Nov 2019) of the Making an Influencer experiment.


  1. Added to Twitter montage of Aussie bitcoiners
  2. starting to pay more attention to the analytics now we have some data, tweet comments are the best way to increase engagement
  3. New Imgur and FB accounts
  4. Gaming world entering – TWITCH streaming? IG community
  5. Looking at automation for comments
  6. Free trial on likes on IG
  8. Buying 2k on IG for 20bucks in BTC so 120 to date with Twitter
  9. Testing a YT bot
  10. Crypto Twitter heavyweights leading the discussion everyday and it’s hell libertarian
  11. That john oliver rights episode thing
  12. I am a bitman copy claims
  13. The random comment generator delivering actual conversation : )
  14. Experiment with ripple agitation using reddit and reaction video
  15. Actor has become a little bit too real for me
  16. New banner art committing to posting Sundays at 9pm CET
  17. Back to the #decntralizemetoo campaign seriously?
  18. Moving video distribution to so call “decentralized” platforms

Stopped being funny justified by satire being truthy