We’ve been searching for a simple solution for bringing The Bitjoinery to the next stage of development, and we think we have found it in Uncut.fm.


Uncut helps creative entrepreneurs transform their communities into web3 Collectives

Uncut allows you to turn your work into a collective effort and let people contribute to your initiatives while being rewarded for their contribution.

Web3 collectives allow you to gather a group of people around a common goal and pool resources and money in a transparent way.

The Bitjoinery

The aim is for The Bitjoinery to simply foster equity and ongoing wealth creation amongst ALL the creators of a project’s intellectual property. 


There are three types of role tokens, Authors, Joiners & Hypers, each with their own unique benefits.

Author are those persons that submit creative works and vote on what creative inputs gets minted and so added to the body-of-work assets collection.

Joiners are comprise of those persons that join the Assets submitted by the Authors into a final piece, what we refer to as a Body of Work. Once the BoW is completed it is minted and submitted as a single collection comprising of all the individual Authors creative contributions.

Hypers are those persons with skin in the game like the Authors and Joiners, and the broader community that want to see the project succeed economically in order to help grow the Treasury for future projects.

Head over and join us in The Bitjoinery and mint your roles for free right now.



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