Tom Gillespie brings a concrete mission to The Bitjoinery

The Bitjoinery has been officially handed over to one Tom Peter Gillespie and his somewhat decentralised cohort of fellow crypto scamdemic investigators.

While the development history of The Bitjoinery studio DAO concept has been well documented by Bitjoin Studios in 2022, 2023 will see a concrete mission applied to the concept – that of ending the crypto scamdemic one production at a time.

Why the transfer?

The reason for passing this concept DAO to Gillespie is directly informed by both a growing demand and continued enthusiasm shown by many of Gillespies early followers across his social media accounts.

From here on out all communications on the development of The Bitjoinery will be made via Tom Gillespies:

Important addresses:

The original Treasury wallet (as seen in the mini series) will remain the same across all connected blockchains, and can be found here:

The bitjoinery Uncut smart contract can be found here:

The Uncut Admin Wallet Address can be found here:

The Immediate Future

Where we go from here is anybody’s guess however, we at Bitjoin Studios believe that a well capitalised group of enthusiastic persons with the right heartfelt mission can move mountains.

That’s why we have committed 500 copies of the Hexicans Mini-series and derivative assets generated from the Hexicans & The Time Value of Money Mini-Series to the collective.

This is currently comprised of 500 access trailer tokens to the mini-series itself, as-well as the 30 full interviews created in the production process, which are currently in draft state on Uncut ready to be deployed.

As you will see if you monitor the addresses above any revenues generated from these assets will be used to grow the collectives wallet as-well as the original treasury wallet.

While it’s still up for debate how and when to trigger the first collective investigation, we suggest (through direct experience) and because we want people to get paid for their work, as-well as earn royalties in perpetuity; that depending on the production format a treasury of some 50.000 USD and a full collective of 150 roles filled should position us all in the best possible starting point to make a successful first production together.

Full of ideas?

Or just curious?

Head over to the Collective, Telegram or Discord now and lets hear all about you.

With Love