The following post is an updated look at the process described in this earlier post:

In this post, we provide an overview of the production process using the Uncut platform for managing The Bitjoinery’s associated production assets. We also clarify the roles and responsibilities of the various contributors: Authors, Joiners, and Hypers.

Authors create and publish their assets as NFTs on Uncut at The Bitjoinery collective. These assets include graphics, audio, video, and scripts. Joiners take these individual assets and weave them together into a complete production. Hypers then market and distribute the final production to the masses.

Here’s how the process works using Uncut:

Step 1: Authors upload their proposed asset (audio, video, script, or graphic) to a project collection at The Bitjoinery. They add a description, price point, and quantity, and hit the mint button. At this point, the asset is added to the collection, and it’s only accepted by the Joiners once it’s been fully minted out.

Step 2: Joiners assemble the individual assets into the final production. Once all the winning assets are assembled, the Joiners mint the final production asset and publish it to The Bitjoinery collective on Uncut.

Step 3: Hypers receive early access to the final production and are invited to write reviews and publish reactions to help market and distribute it to the public.

To kickstart the entire process, Bitjoin Studios have added the first two productions, a vote collection, and some other experimental NFTs to The Bitjoinery. Assuming a handful of Authors are compensated for creating and submitting their initial assets to the collection from day one, we can start to see how the final production can come together.

As each asset reaches fully minted status and is accepted into the final production, Joiners construct the final production. Once Joiners are ready to mint the final production, the original authors’ addresses are added as split addresses, ensuring that the Authors and Joiners are beneficiaries of the future success of the final production.

Hypers are compensated based on the amount of attention and/or sales of the final production NFT that they can be attributed to. While it’s not entirely clear how this can be managed on Uncut, we assume that most Authors and Joiners will also be Hypers and incentivized to promote their works.

To move forward, we need to properly resource the Treasury to fund the original creations of the Authors. Many questions still remain, such as what prevents Authors from minting out their own assets to get them added to the final production, and what motivates Joiners to continue to join all the winning assets together into a final production. Additionally, we need to figure out how to better manage Hypers’ compensation on Uncut via the asset collection.

In conclusion, this update post provides a practical overview of how The Bitjoinery can work using the Uncut platform. However, there are still many unanswered questions, and we need to find solutions to ensure the success of the entire production process.

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