Funny enough, for clarity the first step in developing an online community in Web3 is dividing the community into various sub-categories. In this post, we aim to describe the foundational roles on offer at The Bitjoinery.

The Bitjoinery (as of March 2023) exists across the following three online platforms:

  • Telegram: For supporters, asset holders, enthusiasts, and fans of Tom Gillespie, his previous productions, and The Bitjoinery collective as a whole.
  • Discord: For Producers, Builders & Artists that hold a Coproducer NFT.
  • Uncut: Asset creation, management and distribution for all of The Bitjoinery collective members and projects.


You can think of Coproducers as the founding members of The Bitjoinery Collective. Together they co-produce future Bitjoinery productions. 

Why do people become Coproducers? 

People become a Coproducer because they believe in partnering with Tom Gillespie to help teach the fundamental values of Crypto, DeFi and Web3 in a way that’s more accessible to a broader audience.

How do people become Coproducers? 

In order to become a Coproducer, one must participate in an ongoing campaign titled the Non Fungible Mate NFT. Only by minting 10 or more NFM’s can one become a Coproducer at The Bitjoinery.

Benefits to holding an NFM include:

  1. Exclusive ownership of the raw in-full interviews from Hexicans & The Time Value of Money as each (100 mint) incremental threshold is reached.
  2. Once the maximum threshold is reached at 3000 mints, the Non Fungible Mate NFT also unlocks Coproducer rights to those holding 10 or more Non Fungible Mate NFTs on my next investigation production.
  3. Advanced heads up on new NFT drops and mints.

What is the result of becoming a Coproducer? 

Off the back of Tom Gillespie’s previous investigations into Scootercoin and Hex, we aim to keep momentum by offering a shared ownership structure managed on Uncut via The Bitjoinery NFTs. Owners of the Coproducer NFT are privy to certain benefits during the entire production phase, namely:

  1. Owner can participate in investigation production.
  2. Owner can claim profit-based dividends from the final production.
  3. Owner can submit content towards the final production.
  4. Owner will be accredited in production credits.

With the Investigation Mockumentary format, we take the audience on a ride via fictional characters investigating real crypto projects. Using entertainment and comedy to communicate and open a dialogue around the fundamental values of blockchain technology. Together we bring the confusing and somewhat murky world of Crypto, DeFi, and Web3 to mainstream audiences in a less financial less technical way.


Supporters are exactly that, they support the mission of The Bitjoinery collective by buying associated NFTs, voluntarily contributing to productions, and hyping The Bitjoinery productions and assets online.

Why become a supporter? 

As with Coproducers, supporters believe by supporting Tom Gillespie and his Coproducers, they can help teach the fundamental values of Crypto, DeFi and Web3 in a way that’s more accessible to a broader audience.

How to become a supporter? 

Supporters can mint any of The Bitjoinery NFT assets on Uncut to claim associated benefits and/or simply support Bitjoinery productions by topping up The Bitjoinery Treasury wallet.

What is the result of becoming a supporter? 

Supporters collect The Bitjoinery assets that function as a tool for growing The Bitjoinery resources. Supporters can offer much-needed skills to a production or simply increase the Treasury holdings and, in turn, increase accessible resources to the collective.


Why will people buy The Bitjoinery Productions?

Customers will buy our productions for the same reason people bought The Fakefluencer film and the Hexicans Mini Series. To interact with the characters online and be part of the investigation. They can do this by voting for the production of their choice via their respective voting NFTs currently available.

It’s no secret that audiences want to participate in the story, thanks to the gamification of everything digital, we believe people no longer wish to standby and simply watch a story, although many still do.

In tandem with a more immersive experience, customers of The Bitjoinery productions also wish to support independent artists. By buying our productions, they contribute directly to the original artists, bypassing traditional film industry gatekeepers.

This allows for a faster production turnaround, efficient capital allocation, and the knowledge that all of those collective members are being adequately compensated for their work both during and after the production phase.

How do people buy The Bitjoinery Productions?

As with the previous productions currently available on The Bitjoinery, customers can mint a final production using cryptocurrency or fiat, giving them access to our productions in an easy-to-manage way. Each purchase unlocks the relevant codes to access the productions.

What will people buy?

Customers can expect us to create films and documentaries investigating and exposing what Tom Gillespie refers to as the Crypto Scamdemic.

Previous productions have been feature films and mini-series documentaries. Going forward, we aim to deliver ongoing episodic documentaries within the same niche as previous productions.

Enter The Bitjoinery

While The Bitjoinery is being constructed much like a new car that is already traveling at a mere 40 kilometres per hour, if you found any of the above in the slightest bit intriguing, we invite you to chat with us at your convenience.

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