With the recent launch of Pulsechain we figured it the perfect time to provide an update on the current state of The Bitjoinery collective Treasury.

In case you missed it Tom Gillespie committed 500 copies of each of his first two productions to The Bitjoinery Treasury.

Minting a viewing at The Bitjoinery directly supports the growth of the collective treasury, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Treasury.

Check Toms recent Twitter thread here:

While Toms next investigation is yet to be decided upon, Tom did acquire PulseX at the launch of Pulsechain, bringing 7161642.22779 PSLX into The Bitjoinery Treasury; along with the 30002 XEN that Tom had acquired via an experimental minting process.

You can check balances and monitor The Bitjoinery Treasury on the following Blockscanners:



The same address can be used for support of any kind, Tom and we at The Bitjoinery, thank those of you that have supported us up to this point.

If you would like to be able to tap the Treasury on future productions scroll and mint a free role here: https://the-bitjoinery.uncut.network/nfts